The Federation of Fairfield and Colneis

Home Learning

Attendance is mandatory for all pupils of compulsory school age. Schools should consider providing remote education to pupils in circumstances when in-person attendance is either not possible or contrary to government guidance.

This might include:

  • occasions when school leaders decide that it is not possible for their setting to open safely, or that opening would contradict guidance from local or central government
  • occasions when individual pupils, for a limited duration, are unable to physically attend their school but are able to continue learning, for example pupils with an infectious illness

Every week a menu of online resources, along with a weekly learning summary, will be made available through the school website when all children are in school for any individual pupil to access who may be unable to physically attend school.  Should either classes, year groups or the whole school not be able to be open to children, the wider home learning offer delivered through the previous period of National Lockdown in 2021 will be reinstated for the affected class or wider group.  In this circumstance, the overview of our remote education offer is summarised below. 

Curriculum – We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate. However, we have needed to make some adaptations in some subjects. For example, for some computing objectives these will be modified so that they can be achieved at home without accessing the specialist software that can be provided in school.

Study time – The work set for home (including instructional videos and independent work) will broadly take 3 hours per day for EYFS and KS1 and 4 hours per day for KS2.  However, each family circumstance and each day is different so please do not put yourselves under any pressure.

Accessing remote learning – The school website is the ‘hub’ from which we deliver our remote learning and it links directly to our G-Suite drive.  This means that it is accessible with any internet connected device that has a web browser, including desktop PC’s, laptops, tablets, smart phones and games consoles.  During any period of lockdown or year group isolation, the home learning in year group pages will be password protected.  Parents will need to input the password that has been supplied to them and ensure that the device that is being used is logged in to a Google account. 

For those families that do not have digital or online access we provide the option of printed work packs delivered to the home each week.  The Dfe have also provided school with a limited number of devices that can be lent to homes; school will communicate directly with those parents who are eligible.

Teaching remotely – We aim to replicate our school curriculum as much as possible in our remote learning offer.  Each week an overview of the learning objectives for each curriculum area is shared, along with the supporting resources.  Teachers will record a range of video and audio teaching each week, and these are available on an ‘on-demand’ basis to be as flexible as possible for parents.  In addition, the learning overviews will direct parents to a range of other resources as appropriate.

We provide subscriptions to the following sites:

In addition to these subscription sites, we use a number of additional resources including:

WhiteRose Maths hub
Influenced, inspired and informed by the work of leading maths researchers and practitioners across the world, White Rose Maths brings together a team of highly experienced and passionate maths teaching experts to train, guide, help and support teachers in delivery maths teaching.

BBC Bitesize is an excellent resource that has undergone a huge programme of development due to the pandemic and now provides access to thousands of online lessons and learning resources across the curriculum. In addition, during the current National Lockdown, 3 hours of primary school programming will be available every day on CBBC.

The Oak National Academy is a Government backed initiative to provide high-quality video lessons and learning resources. These cover a range of subjects including maths, English, art and languages. Every lesson is completely free to use.

A range of support materials for well-being and other activities are also posted in our Thrive section of the website.

Engagement, feedback and assessment – In the weekly home learning, direction is provided to parents around routines and timetabling.  Email accounts are monitored daily and parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers to answer any queries.  Year groups will give direction to the work they would like to be shared with them on a weekly basis, and this can be done either through email or via the button provided on the year group page.  Feedback will be provided for each piece of work submitted.  Teachers are also able to monitor the children’s progress on Oxford Reading Buddy and through tasks set on MyMaths.  For any child that is not attending school, parents will receive a phone call at least every 2-3 weeks to discuss their child’s engagement, progress, successes and any concerns they may have.

Additional support – we will work in partnership with any parents whose child needs additional support to access remote education, including with SEND.  This may include specific resources and curriculum adaptations and enhanced access to teachers and professionals.