The Federation of Fairfield and Colneis

About Colneis

Here at Colneis, we provide education for an average of 350 children aged 7 – 11 years. The current school roll is 358 children (correct as of March 2022).

Our school was built in the 1960’s and provides accommodation for pupils in year groups that are accessed from the main hall.  Outdoor facilities include a playing field, wildlife area and a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA).  We are also very proud of our covered, heated swimming pool which all children swim in every week.

At Colneis, we have built up a reputation for providing a friendly atmosphere and caring attitude.  We challenge pupils with a broad and creative curriculum planned to motivate and inspire our pupils while also meeting their social and emotional needs.  We provide many opportunities for extracurricular activities and are well known for our sporting achievements.

The education of your child is a responsibility we are privileged to share with parents.  We actively encourage parents to be our partners in children’s learning.  Teachers, the pastoral team and senior leaders are happy to discuss with you any matter concerning your child.  There are opportunities for parents to help in school on a voluntary basis and we have a lively voluntary support association, the Friends of Fairfield and Colneis, which organises social and fundraising events throughout the year.

Colneis is one of a group of schools in Felixstowe collectively known as the Felixstowe Pyramid.  At the beginning of Y7, most pupils transfer to Felixstowe School. Most children come to Colneis from our Federated partner school, Fairfield Infant, transferring here at the beginning of Y3.  Transition from Fairfield to Colneis runs very smoothly as the schools share the same senior management team and, whilst separate for admission purposes, we consider ourselves as ‘one school over two sites’.