The Federation of Fairfield and Colneis

School Council and Eco-Warriors

School Council

Our School Council representatives would like to introduce themselves. They feel very proud to have been elected and look forward to the year ahead.

Year 3 Council Representatives

The Year 3 representatives are very excited to take on their new roles.

They said, ‘We think it’s really important that children are part of the decision making at school.’

Year 4 Council Representatives

The Year 4 representatives are really looking forward to attending meetings.

‘We can’t wait to have our say.’

Year 5 Council Representatives

The Year 5 representatives said, ‘Getting children to help come up with ideas is really important. We are looking forward to developing ideas to improve our amazing school even more.’

Year 6 Council Representatives

The Year 6 representatives spoke passionately about their title and are hoping to not only influence our school but also the wider community.

‘By having a school council, every single child has their voice heard.’ ‘As council representatives, we will ensure that everybody feels safe and is enjoying school.’

Eco Warriors

After finding out that there were plans in Felixstowe to chop more trees down, some of our children decided to make a stand and produce a video to explain why they believe the trees should not be felled. They believe there must be an alternative option, rather than destroying another forest area that many species rely on for their habitat.

The children produced a video to express their views and asked the rest of the school to vote ‘for’ or ‘against’ the trees being chopped down.

In total:
465 children voted against felling the trees
17 children voted for felling the trees.

Our passionate team of Eco Warriors are full of enthusiasm and ready to take action to protect the environment.

Year 3 Eco Warriors

The Year 3 Eco Warriors believe that it is extremely important to protect our planet.

George is a proud member of ‘Litter Free Felixstowe’ and wants to use what he has learnt to educate the children at our school.

Year 4 Eco Warriors

Year 4 are very passionate about keeping our school clean and want everybody to remember to:


Year 5 Eco Warriors

The Year 5 Eco Warriors said, ‘We are proud to be Eco Warriors and promise to work hard to ensure that everybody looks after the environment.’

Year 6 Eco Warriors

The Year 6 Eco Warriors are excited for the year ahead. They said, ‘We will work hard to come up with new ideas to recycle more at school. We also have some plans to stop single-use plastic within our school.’