The Federation of Fairfield and Colneis

School Council and Eco-Warriors

We would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Debbie and Litter-free Felixstowe for donating litter-picking equipment to our schools. Our enthusiastic children are enjoying making good use of the equipment.

School Council

Our school council representatives carried out questionnaires with their classes, to find out what they feel is working well at school and what can be done to improve our school. Following a meeting, where the representatives shared the feedback from each class, Year 6 children interviewed Mr. Girling to find out what changes could be made.

Council Representatives

Year 3

‘We are really glad to be school council members.’

‘We want to help our school get better throughout the year.’

‘Thank you to our classes for voting for us.’

Year 4

‘Children should have their say.’

‘It’s good that children help run the school.’

‘It’s important to have a school council.’

Year 5

‘We’re proud to have been voted in as council representatives.’

Year 6

‘I think it’s really important that children are involved in running the school.’ (right)

‘It’s really important that children are kept happy at school.’ (left)

‘I’m really thankful that I was voted in and I can’t wait to be a council rep.’ (middle)

Eco Warriors

Year 3

‘We think it’s important being an eco warrior because we want to keep the school eco friendly.’ 

Year 4 

‘We want to encourage others to help wildlife.’ 

‘We love nature and we want everybody to help look after the environment.’

Year 5

‘I am very happy to represent my class as their eco warrior.’ (right)

‘I want people to stop dropping litter.’ (left)

‘I want everybody to look after the planet to protect the animals.’ (middle)

Year 6

‘We want to encourage more litter picks around the school.’

‘We think the planet is very important and needs looking after.’

Our Eco Warriors make a stand to stop a woodland area being destroyed. 

Following some work carried out by our children to stop a number of trees being felled, we were invited to help plant trees to enhance the woodland area. As well as taking part in such a wonderful project, the children have learnt that their opinions matter and they have a voice in the community.